WGBC (world green building council) and EARTH DAY NETWORK (EARTH DAY NETWORK) jointly initiated the Plant a Sensor project to deploy air quality monitoring points inside and outside buildings worldwide.

The world green building council (WGBC) is an independent, nonprofit organization based in London that comprises companies and organizations in the construction industry. There are currently 37 member organizations.

Tongdy Sensing Technology Corporation is the only sensor gold partner for the project, which is the first to provide indoor and outdoor air quality sensing monitoring equipment for 37 member countries. Together with RESET (indoor air quality green certification), Tongdy will provide EARTH 2020 with data from 100 sensing monitoring sites around the world.

Tongdy is currently the only company in the world to independently develop and produce air monitoring equipments covering all the needs of green buildings. Tongdy’s products have been certified by several green building certification bodies as equipment that meets the real-time monitoring standards for green building air quality, and continuous real-time data uploaded by the equipment has been adopted as the basis for green building certification. These sensing and monitoring equipments include indoor sensing and monitoring equipments, outdoor sensing and monitoring equipments, and air duct sensing and monitoring equipments. These sensing and monitoring devices upload data to the data platform via the cloud server. Users can view the monitoring data through the computer or mobile APP, generate curves and make comparative analysis, develop transformation or energy saving programs, and continuously evaluate the effects.

Tongdy’s sensor monitoring equipments are in the leading level in the commercial field in China and abroad. With its perfect product line and cost-effective, Tongdy’s equipments have a strong market competitive advantage, and have been applied in many green buildings in China and abroad.