TF9 – Outdoor Air Quality Detector

Specially designed for atmospheric ambient air quality monitoring, multiple measurement parameters could be selected.

Unique self-property particle sensing module adopts the structural design of fully enclosed aluminum casting to ensure structural stability casting to ensure structural stability, air-tightness and shielding, and greatly improve the anti-interference ability.

Specially designed to protect against rain and snow, high and low temperature resistance, UV-resistant and solar radiation hoods. It has adaptability for wide environment.

With temperature and humidity compensation function, it reduces the influence of environmental temperature and humidity changes on various measurement coefficients.

Real-time detecting the PM2.5/PM10 particles, ambient temperature and humidity; ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, TVOC and atmospheric pressure.

Provides RS485, WIFI, RJ45 or 4G communication interfaces could be selected. It is equipped with an RS485 extension communication interface specially.

Support multiple data platforms, provide multiple communication protocols, realize the storage, comparison, analysis of the data from multiple observation points in local areas to determine the source of pollution, provide data support for the treatment and improvement of atmospheric air pollution sources.

Applied conjunction with MSD indoor air quality monitor and PMD in-duct air quality detector, can be used as the comparison data of indoor and outdoor air quality in the same area, and solves the large standard deviation of the comparison due to the atmospheric environment monitoring station away from the actual environment. It provides a verification basis of air quality improvement and energy saving in buildings.

Used for monitoring of atmospheric environment, tunnels, semi-basement and semi-enclosed spaces installed on a column or outdoor wall.