F2000P-TH series

Temp & RH Controller

  • Detect and display ambiance relative humidity&temperature
  • A high accuracy RH & Temp. sensor inside
  • LCD can display working status such as %RH,temperature, set point, and device mode, etc.Makes reading and operating easy and accurate
  • Provide one or two dry contact outputs to control a Humidifier/dehumidifier and a cooling/heating device
  • All models feature user-friendly setting buttons
  • Enough parameters setup for end users for more applications. All setup will be held even if power failure
  • Button-lock function avoids wrong operation and keep on the setup
  • Infrared Remote Control (optional)
  • Blue backlight (optional)
  • Modbus RS485 interface (optional)
  • Provide the controller with an external RH&Temp. sensor or external RH&Temp. sensor box
  • Other wall mounting and duct mounting humidity controllers, please see our high accuracy hygrostat THP/TH9-Hygro series and THP –Hygro16 Plug-and-Play high-power humidity controller.