Indoor PM2.5 Indicator

  • The imported dust sensor is used to monitor the PM2.5/PM10 concentration in the air environment by continuous light emission of IR and LED.
  • Built in imported high-precision temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in the air environment.
  • The built-in core technology compensates for up to 10 points of measurement calibration, ensuring that the PM2.5/PM10 remains accurate in all circumstances.
  • LCD shows: PM2.5/PM10 concentration real-time measurement value; PM2.5/PM10 concentration average movement value of 1 hours; indoor real-time temperature and humidity value;
  • Specially designed LCD six color backlight changes, corresponding to the national PM2.5/PM10 six standard, intuitive and clear.
  • According to the indoor PM2.5/PM10 change, manual or automatic, scientific and reasonable control air purification equipment work.
  • Long term safe power supply mode: 5VDC, matching power adapter, directly connected to 220VAC city power.
  • Options: provide infrared remote control function, and with infrared receive or transmit air purification equipment or ventilation equipment matching, automatic opening and closing.