Fan Coil Thermostat

  • PID (proportional and integral) control action provides accurate, stable room temperature control.
  • LCD can display working status such as room temperature, set point, device mode, etc. Makes reading and operating easy and accurate.
  • All models feature user-friendly setting buttons
  • Different models for different floating control system such as FCU systems with a single fan or 3-speed fan and a aux. electric heater, air systems with an air damper, single fan and etc.
  • Motor timing selectable from 10 seconds to 420 seconds continued. Used for all actuators.
  • For two floating control outputs, cooling/heating automatic changeover by preset dead zone
  • Low temperature protection
  • Two-part structure and quick wiring terminal block make mounting easier.
  • RS485 communication option makes the thermostat connecting with a PC or other systems.
  • Blue backlight display optional
  • Infrared Remote Control (optional)
  • CE Approval