F2000TSM-CO2 series

CO2 Transmitter

  • CO2 concentration was monitored in real time.
  • NDIR infrared CO2 module, 4 ranges are optional.
  • CO2 sensor with self calibration function, 15 year service life.
  • Metope installation is simple
  • Provide 1 analog output, voltage and current selectable.
  • 0~10VDC/4~20mA can be set by simple jumper selection.
  • unique “L”seriesproductWith 6 indicators, indicating the range of CO2 concentration, more intuitive and convenient.
  • Provide 1 way relay, on/off output, with touch key, controllable 1 ventilation equipment.
  • Designed for HVAC, ventilation, system, office, and public common locations.
  • Modbus RS485 communication optional:
  • 15KV ESD protection, independent IP address setting.
  • CE authentication
  • Provide Pipeline, type, CO2 transmitter, CO2+ temperature + humidity
  • Three in one transmitter, please contact the sales staff for information.