F2000IAQ-CO2-30/50 Series

CO2 Monitor

  • Multiple functions and high performance with low prices
  • Wall mounting type and duct type selectable
  • LCD display detecting both CO 2 level and temperature, also relative humidity (optional)
  • NDIR infrared CO 2 module inside with special ABC Logic Self Calibration System. It makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable in use.
  • 15 years lifetime of CO 2 sensor
  • Microprocessor control, quick response, high precision
  • Provide up to three 0~10VDC outputs or relay dry contact outputs, or up to three mix outputs.
  • The analog output with two alternatives: linearized over full range output or PID control output
  • Different control mode for delays can be selected by user’s application, for example for ventilation or for greenhouse or other applications.
  • CO2 range:0~5,000ppm or 0~20,000ppm;
  • Modbus RS-485 communication interface optional, 15KV antistatic protection, independent base address setting
  • CE-Approval