Dew Point

  • Large white backlit LCD with enough messages for quick and easy readability and operation. Like, real-time detected room temperature, humidity, and pre-set room temperature and humidity, calculated dew point temperature, working state of water valve, etc.
  • 2 or 3xon/off outputs to control the water valve/humidifier/dehumidifier separately.
  • Two control modes selectable by users in cooling to control the water valve. One mode is controlled by either room temperature or humidity. The another mode is controlled by either floor temperature or room humidity.
  • Both temperature differential and humidity differential can be pre-set in order to maintain an optimal control of your hydronic radiant AC systems.
  • Special design of pressure signal input to control the water valve.
  • Humidify or dehumidify mode selectable
  • All pre-set settings can be remembered even energized again after a power failure.
  • Infrared remote control optional.
  • RS485 communication interface optional.