G01-CO2-B5 series

CO2+VOC Monitor and Alarm

  • Designed for real-time monitoring of indoor air quality.
  • The built-in NDIR type CO2 infrared sensor has self calibration function, which makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and reliable.
  • CO2 sensor has a life span of more than 10year.
  • Semiconductor VOC sensors have a life span of more than 5year.
  • Digital integrated temperature and humidity sensor, service life over 10year.
  • Tri Color (green / yellow / red) backlit LCD screen shows indoor air quality, optimum / moderate / poor.
  • Two alarm modes: buzzer alarm and backlight color switching alarm.
  • Provide 1 way relay outputs for controlling a ventilation device (optional).
  • Touch key is easy to operate.
  • The utility model has the advantages of good performance, and is suitable for detecting and monitoring the IAQ in the house or the office environment.
  • 220VAC or 24VAC/VDC power is optional. Power adapter is optional. Desktop mounting and wall mounting are optional.
  • EU standard and CE certification.