CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality Monitor

  • Designed for real-time monitoring of CO2, a variety of volatile gas (TVOC), temperature, humidity, or humidity.
  • Built in NDIR infrared CO2 sensor, with self calibration function, make CO2 concentration measurement more accurate, more reliable.
  • CO2 sensor over 10 year service life.
  • A high sensitive mixed gas probe monitors various volatile gases such as TVOC and cigarette smoke.
  • Imported high-precision digital temperature and humidity probe optional.
  • Built in temperature and humidity compensation (for CO2 and TVOC) to make readings more accurate.
  • Provide 3 analog outputs corresponding to CO2 concentration, TVOC, and temperature (or relative humidity).
  • LCD display optional. LCD displays CO2, a variety of polluting gases (TVOC), and temperature and humidity measurements.
  • Wall installation, simple and convenient
  • Modbus RS485 communication interface is optional, real-time transmission of CO2, TVOC, and temperature and humidity measurement data.
  • 24VAC/VDC power supply
  • EU standard,CE authentication