Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Controller

  • CO2, temperature and humidity real-time monitoring, powerful, cost-effective.
  • Wall placement, wind pipe installation optional.
  • LCD real-time monitoring shows CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity and relative humidity.
  • NDIR (non dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor, internal integration patented ABC logic self calibration technology, to ensure long-term use of measurement reliability and stability, without customer calibration.
  • CO2 sensor 15 year service life.
  • Powerful field programming capabilities.
  • Provide up to 3 analog output or up to 3 relays dry contact output.
  • Two analog outputs: full scale linear output and PID regulated output.
  • Relay control mode is optional, according to customer specific applications (HVAC, greenhouse or other applications).
  • CO2 range of measurement: 0~5000ppm or 0~20000ppm;
  • Modbus RS-485 communication interface optional, 15KV anti-static protection.
  • Independent address setting.
  • CE authentication