TKG-CO2 controller

Carbon Dioxide Detector/Controller

  • The utility model is especially suitable for monitoring the CO2 concentration in the air duct in real time.
  • Built in NDIR infrared CO2 sensor, with self calibration function, the service life of up to 15 year.
  • High precision temperature and humidity monitoring function optional.
  • LCD and without LCD are optional.
  • Three color backlight LCD screen design.
  • Provides a dry contact output with preset values.
  • Modbus RS485 communication interface optional.
  • Optional Zigbee wireless communication.
  • The structure is exquisite, the external pipeline is easier to connect.
  • Wall mounting and pipe mounting type optional.
  • 180 degree rotating probe position selection, which can change direction and monitor in different positions.
  • Removable screens and extendable probes make measurement more accurate.
  • Easy to operate button, easy to set up and operate.
  • CE authentication