BACnet Thermostat

  • Typical used in buildings for single zone rooftop units, split systems, heat pumps or hot/chilled water systems.
  • Designed to provide exceptional temperature control of single & multistage heating and cooling equipment required to reside on BACnet MS/TP networks.
  • A PIC statement is supplied to be easily mapped back to a graphical user interface.
  • Self configuring / adjustable baud-rate senses the communication conditions of the current MS/TP network and match them.
  • BACnet PIC statement provided to further facilitate integration.
  • Pre-configured control sequences and rich parameters selectable to meet most applications
  • All setup are permanently held in non-volatile memory in the event of a power failure.
  • Attractive turn-cover design, most frequently used keys are located on the face for quick and easy access to information. Setup keypads are located on the interior to eliminate accidental setting changes.
  • Large LCD display with enough information for quick and easy readability and operation. Such as measurement and setting temperature, fan and compressor work status,
  • Unlock and timer etc.
  • Automatic compressor short cycle protection
  • Auto or manual fan operation.
  • Auto or manual heat/cool changeover.
  • Include a timer with the auto turning-off
  • Temperature either °F or °C display
  • Set point may be locked out /limited locally or via the network
  • Infrared remote control optional
  • Backlight of LCD optional