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WGBC (world green building council) and EARTH DAY NETWORK (EARTH DAY NETWORK) jointly initiated the Plant a Sensor project to deploy air quality monitoring points inside and outside buildings worldwide. The world green building council (WGBC) is an independent, nonprofit organization based in London that comprises companies and organizations in the construction industry. There are […]

MyTongdy the IOS version of the data platform was officially launched in the apple store

MyTongdy the data platform is air quality data acquisition and analysis software independently developed and designed by neutral green. The data platform provides services for global customers, and can simultaneously collect real-time data of online air quality monitoring equipment such as CO2, PM2.5/PM10, temperature and humidity, TVOC, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ozone, etc. for data comparison, […]

A new air quality monitor for air ducts is officially on the market!

An air quality monitor independently developed and produced by Tongdy, is specially designed for real-time monitoring of multiple air quality parameters in the air supply and return ducts of HVAC system. The air quality monitor for air ducts breaks through the traditional air pump air guide mode, and adopts the special design of an air […]

Tongdy supported AIANY annual meeting in Chicago

The air quality and material impacts on buildings and architectural spaces via RESET Standard and the ORIGIN Data Hub has been discussed. 04.04.2019, at theMART, Chicago. Tongdy and its IAQ Monitors As being a professional supplier of real time air quality monitors and other gases detectors, Tongdy supported this annual meeting in Chicago. Tongdy’s IAQ […]

Tongdy is supporting “RESET” and “AIANY”

Join Tongdy for a support on quantifying air quality and material impacts via the RESET Standard and the ORIGIN Data Hub, Organized by AIANY Committee on the Environment. Speaker & Calendar. Raefer Wallis, Founder and CEO, GIGA Thursday, 04.04.2019, 6PM – 8PM, at theMART, Chicago. What is “RESET” & “ORIGIN”? Designing for wellness requires careful […]