Tongdy Sensing Technology Corporation

Tongdy Sensing Technology Corporation was established in 1999, located in Beijing Zhongguancun Environmental Science and Technology Park of the national high-tech enterprises.

In January 2017, Tongdy was listed on the new board. Its stock code is 870880.

Since 2004, Tongdy has engaged in production and development of indoor air quality monitoring and controlling products . So far, it has a strong technical development and product design capabilities. It has focused on environmental air quality monitoring and data transmission, on-site control, and ventilation purification system solutions for more than 10 years.

To provide environmental monitoring, industry applications, networking solutions and end products. Our main products are CO2 transmitter/controller, CO/VOC/ Ozone detector/controller, PM2.5/10 Indicator, Temp.& RH transmitter/controller and latest high-accuracy multi-sensor IAQ detector. These products are with Modbus RS485 communication interface options or BACNET interface options, as well as Zigbee or Wifi wireless interface options.

Tongdy’s environmental monitoring products are at the advanced level compared with those of competitors in this field. From its design, function, measurement accuracy, environmental impact factor compensation, product line, cost-effective and many other aspects, it all has a significant advantage. With 13 years’ experience of extensive exports to Europe, North America, Oceania, the Gulf region and East Asia, Tongdy corporates with GE, Johnson Control, Belimo, Panasonic, Bentax and other multinational companies to provide standard products or customized products, has won a high reputation.

Tongdy currently has more than 30 patents for inventions, utility model patents and appearance patents, 8 software copyright. It has a number of core technologies in sensing and controlling technology.

Tongdy’s latest designed multi-parameter products for internal air quality monitoring are widely used in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, North America, Singapore, Britain and other green building evaluation system, large high-end residential
projects, green health hotel brand, public places, government indoor air monitoring project.

Tongdy’s independent research and development building of its own property rights as seen below, provides the necessary conditions for its long-term and stable development.