Tongdy Sensing Technology Corporation

Tongdy Sensing, located in Beijing Zhongguancun Environmental Science and Technology Park, is a national high-tech company.

As one of the earliest companies in China engaged in air quality monitoring products, Tongdy has been always focusing on its strong technology development and design capabilities, constantly providing devices、control and data service for air quality monitoring applications.

The company-owned R&D office building and massive investments in R&D facilities like aging and testing laboratories and professional calibration chambers provide the necessary conditions for its continuous R&D and stable development.


-CO2, CO, O3, TVOC, PM2.5/PM10, HCHO and other gas monitoring;

-Indoor/Outdoor air quality monitoring as well as in air ducts;

-monitoring data platform and data analysis application.

CO2 transmitter/controller        Air quality monitors of in-        Output: Analog/Relay

T/RH transmitter/controller       door/outdoor/in-duct               Communication interface:

CO/Ozone controller                 –                                              Modbus/Wifi/RJ45

TVOC monitor                          PM2.5/PM10/CO2/TVOC/

PM2.5/PM10 monitors             HCHO/CO/Temp.+RH

All the products share the below features:

  • adoption of Tondy-owned core technology.
  • full testing and deep analysis on sensors which accumulate large amount of performance data.
  • patent technology and rich application experience on the compensation of environmental interference, as well as data analysis and processing for long-term online monitoring,
  • in the industry’s advanced and high-end level.


The self-developed data platform MyTongdy has powerful functions.

  • Centralized collection of real-time data;
  • Data record and analysis;
  • Problems discovery ;
  • Solutions and improvement;
  • Continuous validation;


With this data platform, remote hardware services such as the maintenance of monitors, version upgrade and devices calibration can be realized.


  • Ventilation and air conditioning system                              ● Energy saving and optimum proposal
  • Intelligent building system                                                  ● Real-time monitoring points layout
  • Intelligent housing system  in parks and regions.               ● Green building certification and continuous validation
  •  Special parameter monitoring                                            ● Schools、offices、shopping malls、hotels、 in the industry  business buildings…         
  • Facility agriculture

Most of Tongdy’s products have been widely used in thousands of projects in Europe, North America, the Gulf region and the Asia-Pacific region for over fourteen years.

Moreover, Tongdy has cooperated with many multinational companies to provide standard or customized products, which guarantee the company to accumulate long-term application data and experience in different environments and gain a wide reputation and recognition in the industry.

Tongdy’s multi-parameters air quality monitors have RESET and CE compliance. They have been applied in many green buildings in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, US, UK, Singapore and other places as well as in large-scale residential projects, green health hotel brands, public places and government indoor/outdoor air monitoring projects.

As the only golden partner of the World Green Building Council, Tongdy’s air quality monitors have been applied to 2020 Earth Day project in 35 member countries.