A new air quality monitor for air ducts is officially on the market!

An air quality monitor independently developed and produced by Tongdy, is specially designed for real-time monitoring of multiple air quality parameters in the air supply and return ducts of HVAC system.

The air quality monitor for air ducts breaks through the traditional air pump air guide mode, and adopts the special design of an air inlet and outlet. The air guide duct extends the overall service life of the equipment, and facilitates its installation and maintenance.

Its monitoring parameters include: CO2, PM2.5/PM10, temperature and humidity, TVOC, CO, and HCHO.

A variety of wired or wireless communication interface options are available: WIFI, Ethernet, RS485, and 2G/4G.

Two kinds of power supply are available: 24VAC/VDC or 100~240VAC.

The air quality monitor for air ducts can be connected to BAS systems, or to data acquisition and analysis platforms through cloud servers. It can be applied not only to HAVC systems, but also to green building assessments and continuous verifications, as well as building energy saving systems.