Tongdy Sensing Technology Corporation was established in 1999, located in Beijing Zhongguancun Environmental Science and Technology Park of the national high-tech enterprises.

In January 2017, Tongdy was listed on the new board. Its stock code is 870880.

Since 2004, Tongdy has engaged in production and development of indoor air quality monitoring and controlling products . So far, it has a strong technical development and product design capabilities. It has focused on environmental air quality monitoring and data transmission, on-site control, and ventilation purification system solutions for more than 10 years.



Address: Building #8, No.9 Dijin Rd, Haidiian District, Beijing 100095, China
Phone: +86-10 59738931/32
Fax: +86-10 59738930 ext 8007
Email: info@tongdy.com

Website: www.tongdy.com