WELL and RESET Authentication Docking

 At a signing ceremony that took place at Greenbuild China in Shanghai Oct.23 2018. The International WELL Building Institute TM (IWBITM) and GIGA announced an agreement on how their certification programs will interact, streamlining the implementation process for projects everywhere and increasing awareness about the importance of air quality in buildings. 


In the future, projects using RESET™ Air version 2.0 will be able to leverage that involvement for the benefit of the following WELL v2 features within the Air concept:
● Projects that have successfully passed their on-site audit as evidenced by an Approved Site Audit Checklist submitted by their RESET Air Auditor will be able use this toward the “Monitor Fundamental Air Parameters” part in Feature A01: Fundamental Air Quality as well as Feature A08: Air Quality Monitoring and Awareness. 
● Projects which have an active RESET Air certification status will be able to use this toward meeting Parts 1-3 in Feature A01: Fundamental Air Quality for recertification purposes, taking the place of the project having a performance testing agent validate compliance to this feature. 
● Projects having deployed a RESET Air accredited outdoor air monitor will be able to use this toward meeting the “Manage Window Use” part in Feature A07: Operable Windows.
As being a long-term partner of RESET, Tongdy provides the qualified real-time online IAQ monitors, in the future it will serve more green building projects and customers with reliable indoor air quality real-time monitoring data.