IAQ monitors upgraded, excellence will always be our pursuit

Our company's commercial-grade indoor IAQ monitor MSD series and indoor IAQ monitor TSP series have been upgraded in September and have begun to provide for users with new versions.

The upgraded version adds an extended serial port that can be either a TTL (USB) interface or an RS485 interface. When the user uses the WIFI or Ethernet interface, the extended interface can be used to parameter correction, read measurement values, fault judgment, etc. even on-site, which is very convenient for operation and maintenance.

The upgraded version of the MSD also provides formaldehyde monitoring, enabling an IAQ device to simultaneously monitor 6 parameters to meet the needs of most users.

The upgraded new version, in the measurement accuracy, especially for the TVOC monitoring accuracy has been significantly improved, as well as stability has also improved!

The new version is comparable to professional-grade research equipment, but the price remains basically the same, and it is highly competitive in the market.