Indoor Air Quality Monitor TSP-18


TSP-18 Series



1. IAQ detector designed for economic use
2. 7-24 hours online real-time IAQ detection
3. Real-time output PM2.5/PM10, CO2, TVOC and Temperature & humidity data
4. A special correction algorithm inside to ensure the measurements not be affected as environmental change
5. Modbus RS485 or RJ45 or WIFI interface optional
6. Available & suitable for networks in old and new buildings
7. 3-color lights indicates the 3 ranges of main measurement
8. Optional OLED scroll display IAQ  measurements
9. Wall mounting and 24VAC/VDC power supply
10. Provides carbon monoxide and ozone detectors of TSP series for more gases detection
11. Over 12 years’ experience of exportation to global market and different application of IAQ products.