Duct mounted Multi-sensor detector PMD


PMD series


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1. PMD-18 in-duct air quality detector is specially designed for monitoring multi-parameter air quality in air duct. It is suitable to be installed in return air duct.
2. The built-in sensor module uses Tongdy’s patented technology and fully enclosed cast aluminium structure. It ensures the stability, air closure and shielding, greatly improves the anti-interference ability.
3. Built-in a large air bearing fan, regulate the fan speed automatically, guarantee constant air volume and improve the stability and lifetime in long-term working.
4. Special design of pitot tube inlet and outlet, to instead of air pump mode and no longer fretting about frequent replacement of air pumps.
5. Easy to clean filter mesh, can be disassembled and used many times
6. With temperature and humidity compensation, reduce the impact of environmental change.
7. Real-time monitoring parameters: particles (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon dioxide (CO2), TVOC, optional carbon monoxide, air temperature and humidity.
8. Provides WIFI, RJ45 Ethernet, RS485 Modbus communication interfaces selection.
9. Connect a data platform for data storage, comparison and analysis.
10. Read and display the measurements with Tongdy's maintenance tool “NC18” together.
11. Working with Tongdy’s indoor and outdoor air quality monitors together, comprehensively and accurately analyze the air quality.