Multi parameter online monitor for indoor environment-MSD


MSD-18 Series



1. 24-hour online real-time detecting indoor air quality, upload measurement data.
2. The special and core multi-sensor module is inside, which is designed for the commercial grade monitors. The whole sealed cast aluminum structure ensures the stability of detection and improves the anti-jamming capability.  
3. Unlike other particle sensors, with a built-in large flow bearing blower and the control technology of automatic constant flow, MSD has the much higher and long-term operation stability and life, of course more accuracy.
4.  Providing multiple sensors such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature and humidity.
5. Using own patent technologies to minimize the influence from ambiance temperature and humidity to the measured values.
6. Two power supply selectable: 18~24VDC or 100~240VAC
7. Communication interface is optional: RS485 Modbus, WIFI, RJ45 Ethernet.
8. Supply an extension TTL/RS485 port for preset or correction the measurements.
9. Three-color light ring indicating different level of indoor air quality; the light ring can be turned off.
10.  Ceiling mounting and wall mounting with the tasteful appearance in different decoration styles.
11. Simple structure and installation, make even ceiling mounting easy and convenient.
12. RESET certified as the grade B monitor for Green Building Assessment and Certification.
13. Over 12-year experience in IAQ product design and production, abundantly applied in European and American market, mature technology, good manufacturing practice and high quality ensured.