CO2 & temperature sensor for VAV control


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  Design for real time measuring ambiance carbon dioxide and temperature.
  NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with special Self Calibration. It makes CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable.
  Up to 10 years lifetime of CO2 sensor 
  Provide two analog linear or PID ouput for CO2 & temp.
  3 modes can be selected for temp. control, linear or PID or fix value modes
  2 modes can be selected for CO2 control, linear or PID modes
  End user may easily adjust the setpoint by buttons
  The 3-color LED indicates three CO2 level ranges
  OLED screen displays CO2/Temp measurements
  RS485 communication interface with Modbus or BACnet protocol
  24VAC/VDC power supply
  CE-approval